Other Bit

Product Introduction

Large Diameter Ring Bit for the PRD method

대구경 PRD용 링체결형 Bit
Large Diameter Ring Bit is designed for the worksite where is a lack of immediate response. Whenever it is difficult to continue drilling because the abrasion on button tip, LDRB can be replaced and continue the drilling.

Hole Opener Bit

홀 오프너 Bit
Hole Opener Bit is designed to adapt and solve the problem with vertical straightness while drilling the gravel layer or the rock layer. HOB drills the smaller hole which could guide bit to drill lager size hole.

Concrete Crush Bit

콘크리트 파쇄 비트
Concrete Crush Bit is utilized mostly in reconstruction worksite where have lots of concrete and reinforcing rod. CCB pushes the concrete and reinforcing steel rods while it drills.

CD Hammer Bit

CD Hammer Bit is to replace the Standard Bit to minimize noise and vibration where have ground disturbance and complaints are filed.

Auger Bit

Auger Bit is designed to utilized in worksites where is consisted of soil and sand so the hammering isn’t necessary.

Tri-cone Bit

트리콘 비트
Tri-cone Bit has 3 gear-shape-blades and drills with the pressure and rotational force. The drilling speed is slow but it is designed to be utilized in worksites where are impossible to utilize CD Hammer but complaints are filed about noise and vibration.

Casing Ring Bit

케이싱 링비트
Casing Ring Bit is designed to attach the Casing by welding the lower part of Casing while drilling. CRB is utilized to insert Out Casing easily and protect break and abrasion of the Casing.